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Nominated for BroadwayWorld Regional Award – Best Performer in a Play, 2021

Nominated for BroadwayWorld Regional Award – Best Supporting Performer in a Musical, 2021 

Nominated for BroadwayWorld Regional Award – Best Supporting Performer in a Musical, 2022 

"Oedipus, masterfully captured by Mitchel Kawash”

—The Middletown Press

“Mitchel Kawash … does well with the heavy role.”


Oedipus 1.jpg

“As Oedipus, Kawash uncovers his character’s story with truth, insight, drive and accomplishment, bringing the right style, tone and scope to the actual story, the dialogue and its metaphorical blindness. Looking very much like a youngish Anthony Rapp from Broadway’s 1996 production of 'Rent,' the actor executes his characterization with a modernistic command and pride that naturally darkens once he gauges his eyes out.”

–Jim Ruocco, From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2

Pence 2.jpeg

"The performers — Aiesha Dukes, Mitchel Kawash, Richard Spitaletta and Mia Weinberger — are fine singers and fizzy delights"

–The New York Times

—The New York Times

"And that's accomplished by Aiesha Alia Dukes, Mitchel Kawash, Richard Spitaletta, and Mia Weinberger—an incredibly hardworking and talented cast ... They morph into various characters with ease"

–The Huffington Post

"Mitchel Kawash as Mike Pence, singing about his ability to turn men straight, is another moment sure to have the audience in stitches; his stoic demeanor combined with hilarious lyrics and impressive dance skills make his song a true standout."

–Theatre Is Easy

"Among Kawash’s laugh-getting bits is his reincarnation of Sigmund Freud analyzing Trump through his tweets. Donning a wig with bountiful white hair, he also delivers a jaw-dropping simulation of a saxophone-playing Bill Clinton."

–Musical Theatre Review


"Highlights amidst the hilarity include Sigmund Freud [Mitchel Kawash] diagnosing the Donald's mental state to the tune of — you guessed it — Patsy Cline's 'Crazy.'"

-Culture Catch

"The result is is often downright hilarious ... especially thanks to the four exceptionally talented, very funny and inventive performers who assume a rapid-fire variety of identities ... Spot on impressions of Richard Nixon [Richard Spitaletta] and Bill Clinton [Mitchel Kawash] are included."

-Wolf Entertainment Guide

Punk Grandpa Logo.jpeg

"Mitchel Kawash and Rachel Ladd may have been the strongest all-around performers in the entire piece. Their ability to create an array of fun and interesting characters gave the play life … Between Kawash’s big, infectious smile and Ladd’s knack for comedic scowl, the duo stood out."

-Theatre in the Now

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