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Mitchel recently starred in his first professional radio play--an absurdist satire of the classic American family drama written by a predictive text robot. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Check out "A Night at the Races"the latest installment of the podcast In This Economy? at the BRIC Arts Media website or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Mitchel returns to Investigation Discovery in the true-crime series Diabolical. He will play U.S. Air Force sergeant James Goodyear in the story of serial killer Judi Buenano.  


The episode airs in 2020 as part of the show’s third season.

This fall Mitchel joins the cast of At Death’s Door--an interactive theatre piece about, you guessed it, the zombie apocalypse. In this cutting-edge piece of live performance, the audience not only chooses its own adventure, it also battles zombies and solves puzzles in a mad dash to save the world—or not.


Mitchel will be playing one of two human characters—a scientist trapped in an overrun research facility.


At Death’s Door runs on Fridays at the Indoor Extreme Sports Center in Queens.

Concurrently with his other projects, Mitchel is a member of the New York cast of The Dinner Detective.


Running most Saturday evenings in Tribeca, this interactive murder mystery features audience involvement, a four-course meal, and a prize for the person who solves the case most accurately at the end of the night.


Many of the actors are in disguise as audience members when the play begins, so if you see Mitchel hanging around, don't spill his secret! And remember--Trust No One!

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